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Consumers Against PayPal Policy

PayPal News

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The latest news affecting PayPal.

08/09 PayPal UK confirms double-dipping error

07/07 PayPal Phishing Scam Surfaces

07/06 PayPal exec departs in surprise eBay shake-up

07/01 Online Pay Service War With Popular GreenZap vs. Popular SafePay Solutions

06/26 - "Phishers" becoming more sophisticated

Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability in Paypal Results in Identity Theft

06/18 Netcraft: PayPal Security Flaw Allows Identity Theft

06/16 Phishing scam uses PayPal secure servers

06/15 PayPal To Google: Bring It On

06/14 Is Skype -PayPal Integration An Open Invitation To Hackers?

07/06 UPDATE 3-PayPal exec departs in surprise eBay shake-up

06/26 - PayPal's Dan Levy Talks to AuctionBytes about Trust & Safety Issues

06/20 PayPal sinks CSS phishing scam

06/19 PayPal tackles phishing trap

06/16 PayPal vulnerability leaves users open to fraud

06/15 Scam Alert - PayPal spoof web sites

06/15 EBay chief sees synergies, PayPal founder doubtful

BEWARE of PAYPAL! (One man's story)

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