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Consumers Against PayPal Policy
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CAPP was developed not as a PayPal "hate" site, rather as a place for people to be able to express their views, opinions, and information regarding the infamous loopholes within the PayPal policies and how those loopholes affect the financial lives of other people.

HONORABLE MENTION: PayPal Freezes Out Katrina Aid

PayPal urged to cut off BNP (PayPal ignores their own policy)

There are many other sites dedicated to promoting the use of merchant accounts and not using PayPal.  The intent of CAPP is to educate consumers on the risks of using PayPal so that they may make an informed decision on whether or not to use them as a payment processor. We hope to get our message out to a larger audience of people interested in similar issues.
Please stay tuned for information pointing out the obvious loopholes in the Paypal user agreement.

NEWS: Google Checkout Launches 06/28
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