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Consumers Against PayPal Policy


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The CAPP forum is an unmoderated, free speech for those 18 years of age and up.  By entering this forum you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.  Be advised that there may be objectionable material in the comments on this forum.
You cannot register a username that is the same as a known eBay or PPS known user - or a name in which you have manipulated letters/numbers to make it appear as that persons name.  All accounts associated with those names will be deleted if that happens.
If you are not a member here but see your eBay/PPS name registered and in use, you can email us at and we will instruct you on how to get it removed.  We must verify that you are the real name holder of that username before an account will be deleted.  Having an account deleted does not guarantee or confirm that you did not register it.  It only confirms that you did not want the name registered here.  Comments from usernames will not be removed, however a note will be placed on the board noting the circumstances of the deleted account.
CAPP is not responsible for any comments made under any username with the exception of the "Admin" account.

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