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Consumers Against PayPal Policy

eBay News

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Articles to keep you informed on whats REALLY going on in eBay-land.

08/09 $2.33 sale buys legal nightmare on eBay

07/19 Yahoo drops and so does rest of Internet sector

07/19 Yahoo Ads Appear in eBay Search Results

07/19 eBay and PayPal Conflict Over Online Gambling Ban

07/17 Chinese company claims Skype protocol cracked

07/17 eBay stands behind online gambling ban as its PayPal arm gets back into industry

07/11 Leader: eBay-Google battle will end in tears

07/07 eBay Marketing Director Joins VA Software

07/07 More Executive Changes at eBay

07/07 With Google wolves at the door, eBay announces exec will leave

07/07 Shake-Up, Competition Raise Doubts About EBay

07/07 STOCKS: Before the bell 7-7-06: EBAY, GOOG, MSFT, YHOO

07/06 EBay at risk with exec's exit, competing service, analysts say

07/06 EBay turmoil sinks SJ online auction giant's stock

07/06 EBay Facing a Competitive Threat

07/04 ShopSite Announces eBay Integration with Shopping Cart System (includes Google Checkout)

07/04 eBay to launch new website (eBay Express goes UK)

07/04 Jail for gang who sold fake Prada clothes

07/04 Ebay looks to cash in on blogs

07/03 Lehigh man arrested for eBay scam

07/03 Watch your account on eBay: ID thieves nab your reputation

07/02 On eBay, let the seller also beware

07/01 Knockoff luxury items hit eBay {**and eBays lack of protection and/or enforcement - a MUST read}

06/29 eBay's Fears Confirmed: Google Launches Checkout Service

06/29 EBay Guy Trashes Google Checkout, Then Deletes Post

06/28 GMarket Eclipses eBay in Asia

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