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Consumers Against PayPal Policy


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About CAPP

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Welcome to CAPP Online! 
CAPP strives to be the #1 source for all the latest news stories and issues regarding Paypal.  Users need not search the net to look for current events as CAPP will keep you up to date!  Just check out our News page for more info.  If you find a story not reported, send it to us and we'll check it out and possibly put it up.
CAPP is all about consumer education.  We want consumers to be educated, prepared, and comfortable in making decisions in regards to Paypal.  It use to be that PayPal was safe for the 'average' user, but that is no longet hte case.  Increasing numbers of unsatisfied customers, inactive Paypal accounts, and complaints speak volumes about the way this company treats their custoemrs.
PayPal not only freezes and links accounts for individuals but for businesses as well.  Reports and horror stories come in daily on the official PayPal board at eBay.  The goal is to educate consumers before these financial disasters happen to them.
CAPP is not a PayPal hate site, although many of our users do hate PayPal.  Success cannot be achieved through hostility so we approach the problem objectively in an effort to try and gain the consumers attention and trust.  Please help us spread the word about CAPP so that together we can make progress.
Please stay tuned for more additions to the site.

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